There is no Unhappy Revolution

A draft translation of the Prologue to Marcello Tarí’s 2017 book on destituent communism, Non esiste la rivoluzione infelice. Il comunismo della destituzione, (Rome: Derive approdi, 2017). A longtime militant, fellow traveller of the Invisible Committee, and author of one of the best books on Autonomia, Tarí’s new work offers the fullest exploration to date of the concept of destitution. If anyone knows competent Italian translators who might be interested in doing the full book, email us and we’ll put you in touch with the author.

“What defines a revolutionary becoming is the destitution of the ego together with the reality of the enemy. The auto-destitution of the militant consists at once in consenting to the deposition of one’s own social identity, in deactivating the apparatus of ideology, while also grasping the power of that mask, of the particular mode of existence that ‘militancy’ was…”